Domestic Money Transfer - B2B Business

At, have tied up with PPI to enable Money Transfer Service through mobile wallet, Mobile Wallet, which is India's First Non Bank wallet (approved by RBI), to make Instant money transfers to any bank. Send/receive funds through the Mobile Wallet to/from any bank, anytime, anywhere, 24*7!

This is a boon to the unbanked masses of India, making money transfer instant and on real time using IMPS and is connected to 100+ Banks. This Service is available online, through Mobile app as well as through a simple SMS. Through NEFT 170+ banks are connected to this platform for money transfer.

Money Transfer features include money transfer from Wallet to bank (any) using MMID, Wallet to bank (any) using IFSC & bank account number, Wallet to Wallet money transfer and any bank to Wallet money transfer.

India's population who has till now been unable to avail mainstream financial services due to stringent bank account opening and Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation procedure can now transfer and receive funds from Mobile Wallet to any bank account,any bank account to Mobile Wallet as well as Wallet to Wallet Money transfer.

Now any one, be it a migrant worker or a college student away from home, can send and receive money using our mobile application. So far no wallet in the world has been able to provide these solutions.

Taking its services further for wider reach, and already crossed the Indian Boundary to reach out to Non Resident Indians and Migrant Indian Workers worldwide.

An Mobile Wallet holder can use IFSC and bank A/C number to transfer money to more than 100 Banks; users can also send money to almost 100 banks using registered number and MMID.

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